The Blues Brothers concert show

3 and 5 August 2012, 8pm (rain date: 6 August)
Margitsziget Open Air Theatre

8 August 2012, 8.30pm
Gyula Castle Theatre, Lake Stage

Elwood Blues: Pál Feke
Jake Blues: Attila Serbán

The Blues Brothers Band, formed in 1978 as revivalists of 1950s and 1960s blues, soul and R&B music, became legends both on the silver screen and the theatre stage. The band, composed of respected musicians, was fronted by comedian stars Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi as Elwood and Jake Blues, who – wearing trademark black suits, hats and sunglasses – performed such hits as "Jailhouse Rock", "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love", "Sweet Home Chicago", "Gimme Some Loving" and "Soul Man".

The musical comedy directed by John Landis in 1980 creates an adventurous plot around the band members in which The Blues Brothers embark on a mission to collect money for an orphanage, and literally wreak havoc across America in between their concerts. Some of the greatest blues legends appear and perform in the film, including Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, James Brown, Cab Calloway and John Lee Hooker.

The film’s success led the brothers Blue to conquer the world of theatre as well. The stage musical version of The Blues Brothers brought back the party feeling of the early Eighties with a fantastic live band, stunning cast, amazing visuals, great humour and a good deal of interactivity with the audience. It reached huge success on London’s Westend and across the UK as well as numerous countries around the world.

The world-famous Blues Brothers hits arrive to Hungary for the first time ever in a concert show version, performed in Hungarian by Pál Feke and Attila Serbán. The spectacular concert show promises to be the most intense open air musical stage production of the summer season. The two musical theatre actors have appeared together in several productions before (Jesus Christ Superstar, Spamalot) but this show will reveal a fresh side to both performers. The audience will be guaranteed to sing and dance along with them.

The show will be followed by an afterparty at the Water Tower!
Creative team:

Elwood Blues:
Pál Feke
Jake Blues:
Attila Serbán
Aretha Franklin:
Vera Tóth
Adrienn Fehér
Mónika Veres
Andrea Jónás
Featuring the Blues Brothers Band:
Balázs Neumann
János Kormos
Zalán Kékkői
Balázs Végh
Bass guitar:
László Studniczky "Zsatyi"
Béla Gyenes
Ferenc Magyar
Gábor Varga "Kakas"
Ákos Frolov
And the Blues Brothers Ladies' Chorus
Costume design:
Nóra Rományi
Stage design:
István Szolga
Visual design:
János Madarász "Madár"
Musical collaborator:
Balázs Neumann
Brass instrumentation:
Béla Gyenes
László Bóbis
Hungarian lyrics:
Tibor Miklós
Musical and artistic direction:
Pál Feke and Attila Serbán
Articles, interviews:
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Megérkezett a The Blues Brothers

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