PÁLFEKE&THEBAND's live concerts feature selections from the world's greatest musicals, as well as famous film songs, international hits and original songs.

The 90 minute show has a unique visual appearance: it musters today's most modern lighting and animation technology and sound system at every venue. The most advanced moving heads, LED panels, smoke and haze machines, platforms make the live concert truly spectacular. The production employs the best prepared crew within the profession.

Beside the heavier sound, the concert offers popular songs in unplugged version, performed by top-notch musicians.

PÁLFEKE&THEBAND's concert venues so far:

MKB Arena, Sopron; Újszeged Open-Air Stage; Nyíregyháza Arena; Fonogram Awards Gala, m1; Kaposvár Arena; Balmazújváros open-air; Klebelsberg Cultural Center, Budapest; Katona József Theater, Kecskemét; Richter Hall, Győr; Skanzen Amphitheater, Szentendre; Bácsbokod Arena

Some of the works and bands from which songs are performed:

Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair, Elisabeth, Les Miserables, Valahol Európában, István, a király, The Lion King, Elton John, James Bond, Zsuzsa Cserháti, Képzelt riport egy amerikai popfesztiválról, Michael Jackson, Hercules, Free, Paul McCartney
János Kormos (guitar)
He graduated from the jazz class of the Liszt Academy of Music. He is an accomplished, versatile musician and teacher. He is an active member of the Szendőfi Fusio Quartet, plays in several TV shows as a session musician, and is a regular on Bartók Radio. He plays an integral role in modern up-to-date jazz. He received the EMeRton Award in 2004 as a jazz guitarist. He played in numerous bands, including Tea, Cotton Club Singers, Jazz+Az, as well as with Zsuzsa Cserháti. He has contributed to several albums.

Fusio Group
Szaniszló New Vibe Project
Szentpéteri Csilla
St. Martin
Hevesi Tamás
Gábor Cseke (keyboard)
He had played classical music from a young age before he enountered jazz at the age of 18. He graduated from the Liszt Academy of Music as a student of Károly Binder. He has played with such musicians as Zbignew Namislowski, Peter Erskin, Dave Liebman, Wallace Rooney, Johnny Griffin, Mihály Borbély, János Sramkó, Bea Tisza, Gábor Bolla. Accepting an invitation from Kornél Fekete Kovács he joined the Budapest Jazz Orchestra in 2001. Currently he is a permanent member of the Modern Art Orchestra. He was a member of the Cotton Club Singers band. He received the EMeRton Award in Mihály Borbély’s band, as the pianist of the year’s best jazz album. He is a regular accompanist and musical director of Hungarian Radio’s talent competitions. He has been a faculty member at Kőbánya Music Studio since 2001. He has contributed to 10 albums. He is a regular performer at Hungarian and international jazz festivals.

Cseke Gábor Trió
Kozma Orsi Quartet
Modern Art Orchestra
Szolnoki Dóra Jazz Quintet
Pocsai Kriszta Quartet
Péter Szendőfi (drums)
He graduated from the jazz class of the Liszt Academy of Music. He was already playing with In Line, Klári Katona, Babos Band and Attila László Band while being a student at the Academy. He received a full-time scholarship at the New York City Drummers Collective School in 1995. He took regular private lessons from Jojo Mayer. He founded his own band, Fusio Quartet, and subsequently Fusio Group, and released four albums until 2007. The band received the EMeRton Award as the best jazz formation of the year. He wrote and recorded the band’s first album, TriAngel in 2005.  He brought his favorite colleagues on board for the album, including Tony Lakatos and world famous bass guitarist Gary Willis. He played alongside Bob Quaranta, Eddie Bobe, Gumbi Ortiz, Lincoln Goines, Kip Reed, Al Di Meola, James Morrison, Gary Willis, Jojo Mayer, Brandon Fields, Allen Vizutti, Dave Friedman, Pat Appleton among others.

Fusio Group
Loop Doctors
Romhányi Trio
Szubjektív Panasz
E.K. Avenue
Gábor Pethő (bass guitar)
He began his career as a bass guitarist of Moho Sapiens. He played in Edda between 1988 and 1991. He contributed to several albums of the band: Szaga van, Pataky-Slamovits, Győzni foguk, Best of Edda, Szélvihar. He moved to Canada in 1991, where he played on records and was a member of various tribute bands and other formations, representing different styles ranging from progressive to blues rock. He returned to Hungary after 15 years. He appeared in musical theater bands during the past few years, including Aida in Vörösmarty Theater, Székesfehérvár.

Tears of Yesterday
József Czibere (percussion)
He joined the Wei Wu Wei band in 1995, and was later a member of the Eichinger Band. He played with Klári Katona in 2001 and with LGT as a session musician during the following year. He contributed to the first album of the Budapest Jazz Orchestra, titled Budapest Jazz Suite. He moved to the United Kingdom in 2003, where he taught children to play the drums in a music school and an elementary school. He was a member of Victor Davis’ band, with whom he toured in Japan and most of Europe. He returned to Hungary in 2006.

Balázs Elemér Group
Tátrai Trend
Kovács Linda Quartet
Boglárka Simon (vocals)
She studied in the acting studio of Béla III High School in Baja under Attila Ottmár, where she played a leading role in Képzelt riport egy amerikai popfesztiválról. She played the female lead of Tibor Kocsák’s rock opera, Utazás in a production of the Szeged University Theater directed by Lóránt Nagy in Szeged’s National Theater. She won the role of Gizella in the 25th anniversary production of István, a király. She played Süni in Padlás in Katona József Theater, Kecskemét. Beside her work in musicals, she had the opportunity to test herself in a different genre, playing the soubrette of an operetta in Lili bárónő in Jókai Theater, Békéscsaba. She was nominated for the Junior Prima Award in 2008.

Képzelt riport egy amerikai popfesztiválról - Eszter
III. Béla - Chatillon Anna
Utazás - Lady Ashton
István, a király - Gizella
Padlás - Süni
Géniusz - Sági Kata
Lili bárónő - Clarisse
A nyomorultak - Eponine
Szandra Fejes (vocals)
She joined Petőfi Musical Studio in 2003, and later studied acting and music in Tűzmadár Musical Studio in 2006. She has been studying in Ági Bánfalvy’s acting studio since 2007. She played in various productions of Városmajor Theater: Valahol Európában, Masked Ball, The Sound of Music. She entered the casting show Társulat in 2007, originally to play Réka in István, a király. Eventually she won the role of Táltosasszony. She also appeared in Popshow, a four-part play in Ruttkai Éva Theater, where she played alongside Ildikó Keresztes, György Mihálka and Tibor Szolnoki.

Valahol Európában - táncos, statiszta
Álarcosbál - táncos, statiszta
A muzsika hangja - Zsófia novér
A muzsika hangja - Margaréta novér
István, a király - Táltosasszony
Popshow - Szandra
A nyomorultak - Madame Thenardier
Ágnes Molnár (vocals)
She graduated from the Hungarian Theater's Academy in Áron Őze’s class in 2006. During her studies she appeared in such plays as The Crucible by Arthur Miller, or Zsolt Pozsgai’s Brecht expressz, directed by István Iglódi. After graduation she joined Rock and Musical Theater, where she appeared in different productions directed by Tibor Miklós, including Kiálts a szeretetért, or Stephen Sondheim’s musical, Assassins. Beside her theater work, she was a member of the Péter Máté Tribute Band. She was a finalist in the casting show Társulat, and played the role of Boglárka in István, a király. In addition, she played Táltosasszony in Csiky Gergely Theater, Kaposvár.

Mr. Pornowsky előkerül - Vendég
Kiálts a szeretetért - Shelma novícia, Operatőr
Orgyilkosok - Bámészkodó és Görl
A salemi boszorkányok - Elizabeth Proctor
Apácák - Mária Roberta
Brecht expressz
Vuk - Margit
István, a király - Boglárka, Táltosasszony
A nyomorultak - Fantine
Concert stage design by: "Madár"